Authentic agile

Companies are more successful and resilient in a world full of change if they use agile ways of working sustainable and authentic.

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What we offer

Holistic agile

Culture changes

We know from experience that agile working does not happen overnight: It involves a cultural change in which everyone plays a role – whether developer, manager or CEO.

Employees integration

Therefore, an agile transformation only succeeds if we involve all employees and if everyone understands why the company wants to change. We would like to accompany your company on this path.

Sustainable transformation

Without blueprints and roll-outs, but instead with heart and mind and a solution that we develop together with everyone. We lend a hand and ensure sustainable transformation that makes your company fit for change.

Learning with Holisticon

Agile training

Agile working carries the core of change. Our agile team has a wealth of experience and always has its finger on the pulse. And our coaches love to share their extensive expert knowledge with you in our training programmes.

Agile interested

You would like an exchange about your agile transition? Get in touch with our experts:

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